A dash of creative outdoor design with a pinch of well-crafted hardscape and a grill over the open flames can turn your backyard to the most inviting place in the neighborhood if all elements are combined correctly.

It is very important to choose the right set of skills for this outdoor project. An outdoor kitchen should provide the perfect mix between the natural relaxing backyard landscape and the joy of cooking and sharing food with family and friends. While our landscape designers at Tucson Professional Landscaping can create any size of outdoor cooking area, there are a few basic things to keep in mind.  

  1. Location 

The first thing to consider would be the location of the grilling area. The kitchen area should be natural part of your outdoor living space and an extension of the house. If possible it should be viewed and be impressive from inside the house as well but be careful not to block the view or the windows. Thought should be given to wind direction as well as we don’t want any smoke or heat blowing towards the house or the guests.

  1. Size & shape

The outdoor cooking area should have a comfortable cooking / grilling area while allowing for good interaction between the guests. Interaction will be affected by the size and the shape of the Outdoor cooking area and if it includes a raised counter or not. The grilling area can be straight, an L shape or even a U shape. With this design the guest can interact with the cook and each other and be part of the party.  

  1. Materials

While the biggest part determining the quality of the outdoor kitchen area is the experience and professionalism of the company you hire a large part of it will be determined by the materials you choose to be use. While metal frame are being used by some companies, here at Tucson Professional Landscaping we strongly recommended to use cinder block reinforced with steel and concrete. This kind of structure can easily handle most any weather… or party. The walls can be stucco or can be covered with staked stone to create a more impressive outdoor kitchen area. The counter top can be constructed by using concrete. Porcelain tile can be used as well and look very nice, but saltillo tile should be avoided as it is more sensitive to outdoor weather. Natural flagstone can also be used to create a more impressive kitchen.  

  1. Appliances 

Gone are the days when a good quality, built-in grill was enough. In Tucson Professional Landscaping we continue to push the limits and creating the most comfortable outdoor kitchens. They can be basic or include a large selection of appliances from built-in sinks, side burners, refrigerators, and stainless steel storage cabinets and utility drawers. As some of these appliances require electricity special attention should be given at the planning stage to proper set up.   .