In Arizona and especially in the Tucson area whenever we create a new backyard design or a new outdoor living area for our clients many times we faced with the decision if we are going use real grass or artificial grass. Many people believe that installing artificial grass in Tucson is more expensive, but is it really more expensive than real grass? Let’s take a closer look at the cost of both artificial and real grass.

The Initial Cost

Artificial grass does come with a bigger upfront cost. Depending on the brand, the cost of artificial grass can be as low as $5 per square foot or can be as high as $16 per square foot. However, this price does include installation. Once the grass is installed, there are very minimal costs for the next 15 to 25 years.

Sod that is professionally laid costs a lot less at $1.5 to $2.5 per square foot. However, there are additional costs as sprinklers system and once the sod is installed you will also need to take care of it, which is where most of the costs start coming into play.

When Does Real Grass Become More Expensive than Artificial Grass?

This will depend on the size of your backyard. If we were to use the numbers from a 500-square foot backyard, which is about average, it would take about three to seven years for artificial grass to become the cheaper of the two options.

This is because you need to the either pay someone to take care of real grass or do the work yourself. No matter what option you pick, you will be spending time and money to take care of your grass. Since artificial grass in Tucson needs very little maintenance when it is properly installed, there are low recurring costs if any. If you keep the artificial grass for longer than the a few years, you will start saving money each year that the grass is being used.



Along with saving money on the maintenance, you can also save money on water, fertilizing, and other fun chores as over-seeding the grass with winter grass every winter. For accurate watering, we always recommend installing an in-ground sprinklers system. So whenever considering real grass you’ll have to take into consideration the cost of installing and maintaining such a system in Tucson.

There are a few downsides to artificial grass that can be a pain at times. Artificial grass is not recommended to be played on with soccer shoes that have metal cleats. It can also be very hot at most Tucson backyard so make sure to ask your landscape designer how the will the turf handle the strong sun and heavy monsoon rains.

While the initial cost of Tucson artificial grass might be higher than real grass, it is the less expensive option in the long run. The cost of maintenance of a real grass in a Tucson backyards adds up quickly, which can make the total cost of the Tucson artificial grass more reasonable for many home owners.


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