With droughts in the news almost every day we find water conservation an essential part of supporting a sustainable landscape design in our southern Arizona desert. There are a few different tips and tricks that we like to recommend for those looking for ways to create a more environmentally-friendly backyard retreat.

First, a rain barrel is an excellent option to collect, filter, and store water for later use. They are quick and easy to install with a lid locking feature to keep out mosquitoes, pests, and sunlight. They even come in decorative prints, and can be disguised to look like a flower planter! Using a rain barrel in your backyard promotes water recycling throughout the year. Rain water, such as during monsoons, can be collected in the rain barrel, and used to water plants around the garden once the weather dries up.

Another staple for every southern Arizona backyard is a drip irrigation system. This type of irrigation system is highly customizable, conserves water, and lies close to the ground which allows plants the freedom to grow. Drip irrigation is a network of underground tubing which delivers water exactly to the plants in your outdoor space. Since the water moves slowly throughout the system, water is not wasted and plant nutrition is not lost. It also won’t waste water by over-watering the soil and can be used for plants in the ground, in planters, or in a raised bed. You can feel good about using a drip irrigation system in your backyard by minimizing erosion and runoff, all while lowering your water bill.

Lastly, installing synthetic grass and utilizing a xeriscape landscape design are both great environmentally-friendly options.


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