Tucson Artificial Grass

It can be extremely challenging and expensive to maintain grass in Arizona. Tucson Artificial grass is the perfect solution. It looks and feels very similar to grass. Furthermore, it is a more sustainable option. No water, no mowing, no edging, no sprinklers to adjust, no winter grass, no summer grass, no water leaks and no fertilizer is needed. Our artificial grass is pet,  family friendly  and non-toxic.

Synthetic grass is a great investment to improve the overall appearance and value of your outdoor space. The turf is known for its UV protection which helps it to maintain its original color, even in the hot Arizona sun. In addition, the artificial grass can survive many challenges from heat, wind, rain, snow, children and pets.

Forget about those spring – time allergies. Synthetic turf won’t make your nose itch, or your eyes water.
Best of all, your lawn we look green and well-maintained all year long. You won’t regret having Tucson Professional Landscaping install your artificial grass. It will save you water, time, and money! Your family will love your new soft and evergreen grass.


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