Outdoor Kitchen

Our outdoor kitchens are tailored to fit your needs. You will be included in the process of choosing the best flagstone, tile, stucco, or stone to enhance your outdoor space. We are confident that you will find an outdoor kitchen the perfect focal point for your home since it can be enjoyed year-round in the wonderful Tucson weather.

Equipped with a barbecue, sink, rotisserie, fridge, or outdoor lighting…we can make your dream a reality .  With the help of our expert masonry division, this project will make your outdoor living space more enjoyable for you, your family and friends.

Whether you are an amateur griller or have been fine-tuning your skills for years, we have the design to fit your needs.
Check out our outdoor kitchen photo gallery for ideas and inspiration!

Outdoor kitchens are outdoor cooking areas designed for preparing and cooking food outside the home. They typically include appliances and features such as:

  1. Grills: A gas or charcoal grill is a common appliance in an outdoor kitchen.
  2. Countertops: Countertops provide a surface for food preparation, cooking, and serving.
  3. Cabinets: Outdoor cabinets can store cooking tools, dishware, and food.
  4. Refrigeration: An outdoor refrigerator or ice maker can be useful for storing cold beverages and perishable food items.
  5. Sinks: A sink with running water can be used for food preparation and cleaning.
  6. Lighting: Outdoor lighting can be used to create an inviting atmosphere in the kitchen, especially during nighttime hours.
  7. Seating: Outdoor seating such as bar stools, dining chairs, or lounge chairs can provide a comfortable place for dining or relaxing.

Outdoor kitchens are often designed to match the style and aesthetic of the home and surrounding landscape. They are a popular feature for outdoor entertaining, as they provide a convenient and attractive space for cooking and dining outdoors.


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