Tucson Retaining Walls

We have many years of experience building different types of Tucson retaining walls ranging from a traditional block wall to a reinforced retaining wall. We design walls to meet the needs of our customers.

Whether you want a wall installed with the purpose of privacy, security or aesthetic appeal we will design and build a wall to meet your needs.

Retaining walls are most commonly built on surfaces that are uneven or sloped. They can be used to help prevents landslides and they can be extremely helpful when trying to even out the backyard terrain to plan for future landscaping projects.

Contrastingly, freestanding walls, which are often accompanied by pillars, are built with the intention of privacy, security, or to section off a space. They differ from retaining walls because they are not built on an uneven surface.

Garden walls are the shortests of the walls. Their purpose is to surround trees or plants while adding an extra decorative aspect to your front or backyard.

Tucson Professional Landscaping has a range of functional and artistic design solutions to meet your needs.


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