Outdoor Fireplace

Let Professional Landscaping. help you design an Tucson outdoor fireplace to allow you to enjoy those cool desert nights outdoors. All of our fireplaces are custom made and will be designed and installed to perfectly suit your needs. You have the option of building your fireplace with stone, stucco, brick, or adobe. We have a wide range of colors and shapes to make your fireplace unique and special.

An outdoor fireplace is a fire feature installed outside a home, typically in a backyard or patio. Outdoor fireplaces can be used for cooking, heating, and entertainment.

Some common types of outdoor fireplaces include:

  1. Wood-burning fireplaces: These fireplaces burn wood as fuel and require a chimney or flue to release smoke and gases.
  2. Gas fireplaces: Gas fireplaces use propane or natural gas as fuel and can be turned on and off with a switch or remote control.
  3. Fire pit: A fire pit is a raised area in the ground where wood or charcoal is burned.
  4. Chiminea: A chiminea is a freestanding, cylindrical fireplace that has a chimney or flue.

Outdoor fireplaces can be made of various materials, including brick, stone, metal, and concrete. They are often designed to match the aesthetic of the surrounding landscape and home.

It’s important to follow local fire codes and safety regulations when installing an outdoor fireplace, and to keep the area around the fireplace clear of flammable materials.


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