According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, over 59 percent of the single-family homes started in 2020 included a patio.

Your patio is more than an outdoor living space, it’s a place to gather with friends or family and to make memories. Since it’s an extension of your home, why not make your patio a place you’ll enjoy spending time at?

Flagstone pavers are an excellent choice for patio material due to their versatility and unique look and properties. Discover the benefits of flagstone and why you should consider using it for your outdoor space.

It’s Durable

With proper care flagstone will hold up in the weather and maintain resistant to wear and tear. It’s durable and dense, making it good for entertaining areas like the backyard.

You can also seal flagstone to help preserve the color longer and add to its durability. You won’t have to worry about your patio loosing its charm.

Flagstone Has a Non-Slip Surface

Flagstone has a natural cleft texture, which not only makes each piece unique but also provides a non-slip surface.

Many people use flagstone in areas that are prone to getting wet and slippery.

Lighter-colored flagstone maintains a cooler surface temperature, meaning they’re safer to walk on and wont reflect as much heat as other darker materials do in the Arizona heat.

It’s Low Maintenance

Not only is flagstone durable and long-lasting, but it requires little maintenance. No wonder flagstone is one of the most popular patio materials out there.

Regularly sweep or wash away any dirt or debris to prevent staining your flagstone patio pavers. Use a recommended cleaning solution to tackle any tougher stains.

With regular care, your flagstone patio should last for generations to come.

Flagstone Provides a Natural Look

When planning the design of your patio, one of the factors to consider are your material choices.

If you want your backyard oasis to blend in with the environment, you can’t go wrong with natural stone.

Flagstone comes in different colors and textures but each has a rustic, earthy look. The wide variety of styles and colors lets you get creative with your designs and ideas for your backyard. 

More Design Choices

As each piece of flagstone is different, it’s easy to create a unique pattern for your patio. You can opt for a natural look or a more symmetrical design.

Flagstone is also a common material and it’s readily available in a variety of different options. This means you could have your dream patio become a reality much sooner than if you wanted to go with more exotic material.

Not sure what design you want? Take a look at different patio designs and flagstone patio ideas to find inspiration for your yard.

Ready to Choose Flagstone Pavers for Your Patio?

Flagstone pavers continue to be a popular choice for a patio material due to their high durability and natural look. They can withstand scraping chairs, lots of foot traffic, and even extreme changes in temperature.

If you’re considering installing a flagstone patio in your Arizona backyard, leave it to us to help you create your ideal outdoor retreat.

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