Imagine stepping foot in your backyard and escaping to an Italian countryside paradise. Rustic accents and flourishing plants, vegetables, and spices can transform your backyard living area into a vibrant Italian countryside. The bold and simple elements accompanied with a color coordinated plant design will help you relax in your own Tuscan environment. In addition, lush plants and tranquil water features display a simply elegant style. The Tuscan landscape is captured well through terracotta hues and columns, or tiered water fountains.

If you are hoping for an Italian countryside escape in your Arizona backyard we recommend beginning with a warm toned paver stone walkway and patio. Complemented by an outdoor garden bed and a cozy fire pit or fireplace. If you have ever considered a gazebo or a covered structure outside your home this landscape design is perfectly suited for it.

Walkways lined with terracotta colored planters and colorfully designed tile accents are also a great addition to any Tuscan themed backyard. In addition, a pizza oven may enhance the space and perfectly tie into your Italian outdoor dream space. Regardless, Tucson Professional Landscaping can help you incorporate the Tuscan outdoor theme in your Arizona backyard at your unique price point.


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