A xeriscaped backyard will surround you with beautiful desert plants without the added stress of  high maintenance and costly water bills. The idea behind xeriscaping is simply to use native plants and other features to decorate your outdoor space in a fashion that requires little to no water usage. As a result, this type of design is known for being very sustainable in the southwest.

Xeriscaping requires minimal watering due to the native plant species used in the design process. Accordingly, it is an affordable way to add color to your Tucson backyard space. We would suggest a flagstone walkway to complement the southwestern theme and make for a warm and inviting place when hosting family or friends  outdoors. Decorative rocks are also another great option to add to a xeriscape-inspired backyard. This is because when it rains the rocks will allow the rainwater to seep through and reach the soil. Thus, keeping it healthier for surrounding plants while slowing down weed growth and dust.

In addition, a xeriscape design makes it easy for you to do your part in conserving water, and sustaining a flourishing environment while enhancing the look of your front or backyard’s landscaping. Therefore, making it a design process that you can feel good about without breaking the bank to achieve.

Lastly, the use of native plant species means that less maintenance will be required to sustain your outdoor space. Planting native plants such as prickly pear cactus, ocotillo, agave, or bear grass in their natural environment results in flourishing happy plants with little effort from you. In addition, fertilizers and harmful pesticides do not have to be used because sufficient nutrient amounts are provided through the existing soil.


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